Covid-19 Precautions & Guidelines

We understand that there are a diversity of thoughts and opinions about the nature of Covid-19, the precautions that should be taken in light of it, and the government restrictions that have come to us a result of it. That's okay. As a church we don't insist that we all think the same way or have the same opinion about these things. Our unity doesn't come from an agreement on matters of epidemiology, political ideology, or government mandates. Instead, our unity comes from our single-mindedness on the gospel of Christ. It is in the gospel that we find our unity.


And it is because of our unity in the gospel of Christ that we are moved to consider one another amidst the diversity of opinions in our church family. As we gather together in the worship of our Savior and love for one another, the elders of the church are asking everyone to abide by certain guidelines, not out of a personal conviction about the guidelines themselves, but out of a heart of deference and submission, in consideration of others.


At this time the elders are leading the church to follow the latest guidelines for gathering that have been provided by the state of Oregon for all of our church gatherings. You can read those guidelines in their entirety here. For those who do not feel comfortable gathering under these guidelines we are continuing to provide a livestream of our Sunday morning worship gatherings (sans the Lord's Supper) and our Sunday evening prayer gatherings.

In accordance with state guidelines our meeting areas and bathrooms will be sanitized before every meeting, and a physical distancing monitor and a sanitation attendant will be assigned for every gathering. Also in accordance with state guidelines, we are asking everyone who gathers with the church to take the following precautions.

For Every Church Gathering

If you have tested positive for Covid-19, have any symptoms associated with Covid-19, or in the last 14 days have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19, please refrain from gathering with the church. When attending church gatherings, please practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands and using the hand sanitizer provided. 

Specific to Outdoor Sunday Morning Worship Gatherings at Aurora City Park

Because our Sunday morning gatherings are taking place outdoors in a phase 2 county, we are able to accommodate a maximum capacity of 100 people for these gatherings. During this gathering we ask you to do your best to maintain a minimum of six feet social distancing. When social distancing cannot be maintained, or when coming forward to receive the Lord's Supper, we ask that you please wear a face mask and refrain from physical contact. 

Specific to Indoor Sunday Evening Prayer Gatherings in the Church Sanctuary

Because our Sunday evening gatherings are taking place indoors in a phase 1 county, a max capacity of 50 people will be maintained for the duration of this gathering. We ask everyone to please do your best to maintain a minimum of six feet social distancing and to wear a face mask for the duration of our gathering. 

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