Our Covenant

A local church is more than a Sunday gathering. Fellowship in the church is realized in committed relationships as we seek to help one another grow in love and obedience to Christ. At Sellwood Church, our commitments to one another are summarized in the following church covenant.

Having been brought by God’s grace to repentance and faith in Jesus, 
    and having been baptized upon profession of that faith, 
    we now covenant with one another, by God’s enabling grace. 

We will seek to grow our relationship with the Lord through the Word and prayer.
We will live in accord with the gospel we believe, 
    honoring Jesus in public and in private, in every sphere of life and in all relationships, 
    encouraging obedience to Jesus among Christians, 
    and seeking the salvation of those who remain outside of Jesus.


We will gather each Sunday, as God enables us,
    to worship God together
         by listening to the reading and preaching of his Word,
         praying and singing his Word, 
         confessing our sins and our faith,
         and celebrating the Lord’s Supper.
We will also look for other opportunities to gather with one another, 
  to encourage each other’s obedience to Jesus in all things.


We will care for one another
    by praying for each other, 
    speaking truth in love, 
    rejoicing in each other’s happiness,
    and bearing each other’s burdens.
If a member remains in clear and unrepentant sin,
    we will lovingly seek their repentance as directed by God’s Word. 


We will humbly pursue the unity of this church, 
    avoiding gossip and grudges,
    being quick to forgive, 
    and seeking reconciliation with those we have offended.
We will uphold our common doctrine and discipline, 
    supporting the decisions on which this church has agreed.


We will follow the leadership of the Elders as those who will give an account for keeping watch over our souls.
We will avoid promoting doctrine that directly opposes the public teaching of the Elders in a way that sows division.
If an Elder fails to uphold the gospel in his teaching or lifestyle, 
    we will seek his removal from office, in submission to the discernment of the church.


We will regularly, generously, and cheerfully contribute toward the expenses of this church
    in order to support the ongoing ministry of the Word, 
    world missions, 
    and members in financial need.


If we leave this church, 
    we will seek to do so peaceably, 
    looking to join another church that celebrates the same gospel, 
    continuing to live out the spirit of this commitment to Jesus and his people.

Becoming a member of Sellwood Church is not like becoming a member of a health club, it is more like being adopted into a family. The members of Sellwood Church are committed to caring for one another, helping each other grow in Christ, and working together to make disciples of Jesus. We believe that every Christian should be a member of a local church, and we would love for you to consider joining with us.

Becoming a member of our church involves three steps.

Step 1: Membership Class

The first step for becoming a member of Sellwood Church is to attend our Intro to Sellwood Church class. In this class the pastors of the church tell the history of Sellwood Church, explain The Faith We Hold In Common and Membership Covenant, and make time for the participants to ask any questions about the life and theology of our church. Contact Rebekah Schneider (Rebekah@sellwoodchurch.org) to find out about our next Intro to Sellwood Church class. 

Step 2: Membership Interview

After attending the class, those who are interested in joining the church should contact the church office to schedule a brief membership interview. At this interview, an elder of the church will ask the prospective members about their testimony and understaning of the gospel. Prospective members also have an opportunity to ask any remaining questions they have about the church at this interview. 

Step 3: Congregational Affirmation

At a members meeting, based on the recommendation of the elders, the congregation affirms new church members into membership.