Sermon Discussion Questions

For Sermon Preached on February 21st, 2021

  1. Read Acts 19:11 - 19:20. What is the main point of this passage of Scripture?

  2. Consider Acts 19:11 - 12 and the emphasis on “God… doing extraordinary miracles.” God’s power is on display in this passage. How have you experienced or seen the power of God?

  3. How did Pastor Jeff use the illustration of Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks to show how these miracles magnified the power of God? How have you seen God use ordinary or common people/things in extraordinary ways to draw attention to his power?

  4. Consider Acts 19:13 - 16. What do you think was the aim/motive of the exorcists? How do you think this contrasts with the aim/motive of Paul?

  5. When you use the name of Jesus, is your motive always to glorify God? Have you ever sought to use God to serve your selfish desires? Explain.

  6. What do you think it means to ‘bear the name of God in vain’ (Exodus 20:7, Deuteronomy 5:11) and how is that relevant to this passage of Scripture? What are ways we can bear the name of Jesus in vain?

  7. Consider Acts 19:17-20. When the seven sons of Sceva were humiliated, people repented. When you have seen Christians fall into temptation, or they are exposed for their sin, or you have seen an act of God’s judgment, have you ever stood in fear? Has God ever used this to bring you to repentance? Explain.

  8. How is God calling you to respond to this message from Acts 19:11 - 19:20?

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