Sermon Discussion Questions

For Sermon Preached on May 9th, 2021

  1. Read Acts 27:1 - 27:44. What is the main point of this passage of Scripture?

  2. Describe a time in your own life where you did not heed or thoroughly weigh a warning given to you? What was the result? How did God redeem the situation for His own glory and/or sanctify you through it?

  3. What are some things that individual Christians or local churches have made a priority to warn the world about? What is the warning that the Church is called to proclaim? 

  4. Minato mentioned that the three responses we can have toward salvation being promised to us is to 1) Take Heart, 2) Continually Trust, and 3) Give Thanks (v. 21-38). What are some other biblical responses that Christians should have to the promise of salvation? What scripture comes to mind?

  5. Consider how God’s promise of salvation to Paul extended mercy to all who were on the ship (v. 24). Who has God place around you or in your life that benefit from your ministry?

  6. How would you persuade someone biblically, historically, or theologically to remain in an increasingly secular society for the sake of the gospel? 

  7. The 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith describes one aspect of God’s providence as, “In His ordinary providence, God makes use of means, though He is free to work apart from them, beyond them and contrary to them at His pleasure” (5:3), and we see an example of this in Acts 27:44. What are some examples in your own life where you have observed God’s ordinary providence?

  8. How is God calling you to respond to this message from Acts 27:1 - 27:44?