Sermon Discussion Questions

For Sermon Preached on January 19th, 2020

  1. Read Acts 1:4-26. What is the main point of this passage of Scripture?

  2. Have you ever been discouraged by the moral failure or apostasy of a friend, church member, family member, or minister? Explain.

  3. Has your personal faith or your church ever been negatively impacted by the failure or apostasy of a church member or minister? Explain.

  4. Pastor Jeff said, “when we see whole churches or church movements undone because of one person's death or failure, something has gone terribly wrong.” What does he mean by this? Do you agree?

  5. How is God’s sovereignty seen as comfort in the midst of loss and failure in this passage of Scripture? Is God’s sovereignty a comfort to you?

  6. Pastor Jeff said that some of the ways we guard the church against being too dependent on one leader is by (1.) empowering a plurality of gifted, character qualified elders, (2.) developing a healthy culture of discipleship, spiritual depth, and every member ministry through the whole breadth of the church, (3.) seeking to empower a plurality of full-time ministers. How are we doing with these things as a church? How can we grow in these things?

  7. How is God calling you to respond to this message from Acts 1:4-26?

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