Service Opportunites

Thank you for prayerfully considering ways that you can further serve this body believers. As we grow in our vision of what a local church really is, we also grow in prioritizing service to one another.


The items near the top of the list is where there is greatest need. May God grant you joy in your service to him and his people!

Discipleship and Hospitality - This is the heartbeat of our life together as a church. Grab a book off the bookstall and another member of the church, and meet with them once a week or even once a month for lunch to discuss a chapter and pray for one another. Open up your home on a regular basis for a time of sermon discussion or Bible study. Invite two or three people in the church to meet you early in the morning to read a few chapters of the Bible and hold each other accountable to obey Jesus. 

Handyman Work - Our facilities are old and need help. There are always things to fix and places to paint. Do you have skills in these areas? Please help us. Contact our Pastoral Assistant to learn more (, 503.234.1566).

Children's Ministry - This is an opportunity to minister the gospel to children of the church. Our children's ministry is not childcare, it is gospel-centered discipleship and evangelism. And at Sellwood Church, we are committed to doing everything we can to make sure that our children's ministry workers are serving no more than once a month. We do this so that this important ministry to children doesn't keep our workers from being refreshed by the regular ministry of the word on Sunday morning. In order to accomplish this goal, we need a minimum of 20 children's ministry workers in the regular ministry rotation. Would you consider serving in this very important ministry? Contact Faith Schneider, our deacon of children's ministry, to learn more (, 503.320.1511).

Janitorial Service - Every week our bathrooms need to be cleaned, our trash needs to be taken out, tables need to be wiped down, and areas of the church need to be vacuumed. This communicates care for the other members of the church and it also creates a more welcoming environment for visitors. Caring for our facility and keeping it sanitary is a very practical way to communicate that we care for others. This behind the scenes job serves to facilitate our gathering together as a church on a regular basis, and we always need more help. If you are interested in being a part of the janitorial service team, contact our Pastoral Assistant to learn more (, 503.234.1566).

Groundskeeping - God has given us a very strategic property to steward for the purpose of ministry, and thousands of people drive by our property every day. The first thing that our neighbors know about our church is how we care for this property. We have not always done well at maintaining the grounds, and we want to do better. If you are interested in being a part of the grounds crew, contact our Pastoral Assistant to learn more (, 503.234.1566).

Sunday Morning Music - Every Sunday morning an individual or team of people lead us in singing praise to the Lord. If you have skills in this area and are interested in serving, please contact our Pastoral Assistant (, 503.234.1566).

Onsite Hospitality - Every Sunday morning we make coffee and baked goodies available to the church; on the first Sunday of the month we have a large shared meal together; once a quarter we have dinner together for our quarterly members' meeting; every day we have food and coffee available for police at our rest stop; monthly we serve food for youth events. There are also many other Sellwood Church meetings and events throughout the year that all involve food. Every time there is food at Sellwood Church, our onsite hospitality team is hard at work to facilitate things. If you are interested in being involved with this team contact Rebekah Schneider (, 971.237.5860).

Sunday Morning Sound Team - At every Sunday morning worship gathering someone is running the soundboard. If you have experience with sound tech and interested in helping, please contact Pearce Beissinger (, 971.998.2347). 


Sunday Morning Slides Team - At every Sunday morning worship gathering someone is facilitating slides for our worship service. If you are interested in helping with this, please contact our Pastoral Assistant (, 503.234.1566).

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